13 August 2012

Lama Tak Jumpa Blogspot!

Hello World
Lama Tak Jumpa
So.. Let me have a 'short' update about life :D

Ya, I started to work.. (Hi July)
Time flies~ Worked for 2 months liao~

Gonna have 'some' photos update ^_^
My data plan gonna expired tomorrow
ngek~ I should utilize it to upload photos

- flash back - before I joined the company for Internship -

Celebrate my Boss' birthday @ Spring Garden Restaurant, Suria KLCC
a week before I start my internship I went for the annual dinner with my colleagues :D
What a lucky one X)

Fat me waiting for the office door to open (before i got the office keys) =~=
anyway I get it after like 1 week time :)

Standing @ IOI Boulevard.. HAHA

Random shoot of the traffic around IOI
Driving Cyberjaya <-> Puchong almost 6days/week 

random Cyberjaya sky :)

MMU , I kinda miss you actually :'D
(I miss my friends to be precise, not you~)
I went back to campus to settle the graduation fees & convocation feesto avoid MAHUAN-ness since I'll not be around for a period..

22kg luggage + 6kg handcarry + heavy laptop & camera
I'm DONE packing =)

Another random sky
leaving Maysia , heading Melbourne

on the plane
met this super sweet aussie couple sat beside me :)
* thanks for the information / advice provided :) *
My new place to sleep :)
@ Richmond, Melbourne
First Day work @ e-Ci office

finally get to enjoy the big screen :D

"The Amazing Spider-man" @ IMAX with Vincent :D

"The Amazing Spider-man" @ IMAX with Daniel & Kevin :D

Cute dog spotted!! when I walk to office..

random shots OTW to office from tram~

Yummy Breakfast @ Espresso 3121

Beautiful Art Wall around Swan street. :D

Lazy weekend~ order DOMINO'S pizza & roleplay otaku x)

My housemate/colleague/machi @ Melbourne :)

= 1st week ended =
going onsite liao.. nervous nia..

had been using the Visitor pass for the first week
* not able to open the doors upstairs *
* need to borrow other ppl's card everytime I need to go toilet :/ *

Grab some coffee after lunch =D

Masuk stock!! nom nom nom.. (not much left actually it last for 2 weeks jek HAHA)

NAB Olympics Event @ Docklands

Free Drinks & Foodsss provided too ^^

back to coffee life~
Nice coffee , Highly recommended =)

= 2nd week ended =
going Melbourne Museum this weekend ;)

Weekend Visits @ Melbourne Museum

Another shot of the building :D
* Didn't have photoshop in my laptop here jadi not much DSLR photos uploaded *
* I did upload some here *

Street View from Victoria Gardens to my Apartment :)
nice huh? :D

Tram 78/79 @ Church Street =)

ohyea.. we has been cooking Spaghetti for like every weekend :L
this should be 4.0 xD

my 2nd visits to Docklands' office for a team meeting :)

= 3rd week ended =
going Tasmania this weekend (at friday night to be precise xD)..
banyak excited!!

SpongeBob on the plane :D

Reached Mount Wellington :D
* for the first time i feel this kind of coldness*

Another shot from my phone :)

Nom nom nom Pasta Of the day @ Hobart,Tasmania

random shot @ Long Beach - Hobart, Tasmania

love the blue~
* I'm singing my blue ~ ue~ ue~ *

Kevin & his bro - Warren after the exciting Laser Tag :D

= 4th week ended =
CLB gathering!!! :D

went Flinders Street Station after work to meet ZhaoTze, SHY, Ding & WeeVien :D

Special Guest :D

Healthy & Yummy Homemade Soup :D

Walking around during weekend jek X)
boring.. need more $$ to go visits >_<

* Kinda Excited .. Gonna meet my Old buddy this coming Tuesday :D
my primary classmate - Mah Ying Luk / AhThe / Samantha / Jackie(current nickname)
LOL, banyak pattern hor? she got more nickname than me =P

Goodnight World.

p/s: I did update my instagram weekly @ Facebook
if you miss it, no worries :D
here you go - week1 , week2 , week3 , week4

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