19 September 2011

HTC [#1]

Finally I managed to contact HTC...
It's a long long story, I wouldn't talk about that at this moment because I'm in my final exam week (gonna have another exam tomorrow)..

Will talk about that LATER*

I'll just share my EXPERIENCE, if want to send your (pick up) to HTC SiS distribution for Warranty.

[1] Backup Your Contact to SIM Card / SD Card
[2] Backup Your Application(s) Data
[3] Factory Reset / Soft Reset Your Phone

[4] Confirm by entering your password/pattern (make sure you DIDN'T tick the Erase SD Card)

[5] Waiting... ...

[6] Remove Your SD Card & SIM Card

[7] Seal Your Phone (Waterproof)

[8] Place it into a box

[9] Seal the box
Lastly, WAIT for the Courier to contact you again.

*In my case, the box that I used was the 3rd "All Good" Box from HTC.
**You might need to find a suitable box that can place your phone safely.

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