01 August 2011

August !

Oh My God,
It's August.

Just wanna have some short not-so-short updates =D
Current Location : FIT Tutorial Room

Today's very happening.
Start from night(8pm+ | Sorry , i'm late :/ ),
Technopreneur Venture Project Meeting.

Afterthat continue to rush Compiler Design Assignment @ Foyer
(50 marks Assignment!!! , divide by 10 =.= , 5marks assignment)

didn't have appetite for my dinner,
so i have a waffler

Continue my work with terry @ YC's house until 3? 4? I forgot :s

yeah, kena FFK by Terry : he done then leave~~

Finally i've done it and went house (without key of my house).
Luckily AhYang still awake :D

realised the internet connection is DOWN -.-
OMG i haven't passup my 5 MARKS assignment!

called Ding , and went his house to continue report part :D
blah blah blah... (assignment in progress..)

around 6? or 7?
His housemate came back from dunno where~
he came in & then locked the door.
" Ehh! The key is outside ! I can't open it from inside? "
Owh Great -.- LOCKED in DING's house..

All his housemate was in the house and nobody can help from outside =.=
they managed to find a cleaner in cyberia to help by throwing the key down to him =="



Back to home.. (no internet)
EHH!? Room is locked? called my roomate-.-
no response.

GREAT, lepak around living room (i'm sleepy.. urgh..)

Finally Vincent managed to call Terry up,
I'm in the room ,
and slept for like 2hours- ?

Class Time~
(Submit the tutorial answer to madam's "hole")- JihChuan said so :/

I'm seriously HUNGRY..
I rmb the uncle @ mistri plaza told me about their nasi lemak during Ramadan
alright GRAB 1 :D

RM1.50 - Nasi Lemak Biasa


GET myself a tin of nescafe ice
then read journal @ this room until now (ngek , Of course I have rest =D)

OPSS .. I'm hungry again~ xD


Owh I wont forget to say happy birthday to Kristy & Steph :D
*Actually I was chatting with Kristy during the "living room camp" this morning :)

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