07 July 2011

Facebook Live - VideoChat Announcement

Facebook Is come out with Video Call Feature ~~
Yeah, Microsoft's Skype cooperate with Facebook :)

I tried to connect both :D
there's few printscreen down there.

1st test - G+ win

2nd test - FB win
3rd test - when you call a person that haven't install the plugin,
there will be a pop-out screen in browser to accept and install :)
4th test - i tried to call 2 person
LEFT - when ppl reject your call, there's a options for you to leave video inbox message
RIGHT - when you call new user for facebook videochat apps, this screen will pop out

*8July2011 Update*
Facebook GroupChat is available :)

Why i prefer G+ :
gtalk can send files(which fb chat cant,only new message can),
- share info with ppls that i wish to easily(something fb group feature) but without create another tab
- hangout part is nice..maybe need to wait fb test for few more days ba.their gonna support multiuser soon X)

*the add ppl into chat features is not available in my fb*

hmm,1 thing that make fb so special is they have everything in facebook.com instead of plus.google.com , but i'm fine with it :P

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