07 April 2011

CashOut-ed My Nuffnang :)


Finally I decide to CASH OUT my Nuffnang ^^
today is 7April2011
lets see when I'll get the cheque from them =D
I didn't change the address to my current location (cyberjaya)
because I'm worry that maybe that time I'm not here :)

So, the Cheque will sent to my hometown which is in Butterworth, Penang =)

*will make a post about it when I get it.

Peace ^^v

Recently i joined Says.my (another advertising media),
this year is their 3rd birthday =)

Birthday GiveAway [BLOG]
they're giving out macbook air, iphone, ipad2, canon dslr , and many many more for 30days...

There's a birthday celebration which benefits us^^
Member : http://says.my/ahchien/bday
Non-Member : http://says.my/ahchien/invite

the first day's prizes was given out :)
no harm to me, because i'm waiting for my ipad2 ^^v


SChinTXIV said...

wow... congratz

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

thx thx~
thx for visiting commenting :)

also clicking the ads^^

u ganbatte click ya ^^