22 March 2011

Big Mommas + It's Abba Time + Memoirs :)

Today got two songs to intro :D *+1 bonus song :P*

【1】 Hailey Robinson & Trent : Baby You Know

【2】 Prodi-G : Lyrical Miracle

YEA!! it's Big Mommas :)
This movie kinda funny + the songs are EXCELLENT!! :D

I watched this MOVIE at Dataran Pahlawan Malacca with my friends after our Concert's(A Touch Of Symphony) Appreciation Lunch. XD

In case you missed the concert~
Here is it,1 of the song that we perform that night (19March2011)

【3】 COS MMU Malacca Campus : It's Abba Time!

*little small announcement here, if you're photography lover~
please check this out! =D

 Official Website
 Official Facebook Page

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