23 March 2011

Did you received any CIMB Phishing E-mails?

These few days i found there's phishing e-mails around my inbox~

Why I suspect they're phishing mails?
(1) CIMB Clicks will mention your User ID in the section that I highlighted on the photo below.

(2) In the Message Body itself the Clicking Here is bringing you to the link shown below.

(3) Maybe it's my personal setting / maybe it's the default setting.
Whenever I received email from CIMB Clicks about transaction,
It's " " : which means it's High Importance if not mistaken.
But I can't found the symbol in this mail , and started to suspect~

(a) Of course, Do NOT Click on the Clicking Here in the message body.
you always can double check any link that will bring you to by mouseover it.

(b) Do a favor to the others, Mark it as Phishing scam ,
so that it wouldn't appear in the inbox again.

Everything's just based on my opinion.
If I mention anything wrongly, please correct me, Thanks :)
If you have anything to share about it please leave your comment below too.


dOlpHin said...

i get the same email too~
but it is straight group in the junk~

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

> Eigee : mine is the first time ~
last time all maybank punya~ those email very fake mia~
but this 1 is exactly the same as the original 1 :3