28 February 2011

A post at Cambodia :)

Today is the last day of my Cambodia Trip~
[Our TourGuide's Facebook Page]

Tmr morning 7.55am(Cambodia Time) will sit plane and fly back M'sia already~

I'm gonna miss the ppls around here...
They're so kind , friendly and cute :D

The guest house that we stay have free internet + computer service ^^
that's why i can write this blog post ^^

*p/s: they have Photoshop CS3 installed in their computer too~cool right? XD
I took so many photos~
but all in .CR2 format :X

I'm going gai gai again soon ^^,
& my friends just reminded me about the result =.=
*suddenly stomachache xD

Will update this post with photos soon :P
*UPDATED : Day 1 Part 1-3 HERE*


mm'story said...

can't wait to see your photo!!! fast fast upload ya ^^

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

haha~ try hard ya :D