16 February 2011

好鱼啊~ :3

I just DONE my System Analysis & Design  :: (SAD) ~

since yesterday I study very very HARD.

BANG-ed wall for being sleepy ;
PINCH-ed face for being sleepy ;
KNOCK-ed wall because malfunction of BRAIN ;
NAP-ed on table to REST for A while ;


I SKIPPED 3 chapters... xD

FINALLY, i'm out of the ROOM (Grandhall) *WEE~~~~~~~~*
the chapters that i SKIPPED,
did came out, but in one of the Question ONLY ^^
we required to answer 6 of 7 ~
LUCKY!!! ^^

Then, something happened =.=
something very siasui ._.

After i done my exam right
i'm super duper EXCITED~
i walk to all the way from CAMPUS -> CYBERIA miniMart

  • one 100plus
  • one Keropok
  • one MilkChocolate
  • one Mentos

then i QUEUE myself up :)

OH yeah~
Here comes the CLIMAX~
when i take my wallet out...


My Wallet left ONLY RM1.00!!!
And it's my turn...

That cashier TOOK my 100plus...


I said : " Zub Bang Zub... " @@

*I take back my 100plus*

*i place back all those YUMMies back to the rack*
Leave Quickly.. :3
Hou Yuu Arr~ :3

2 Final to goes :D[4:15pm]


fongE said...

你都有今天啊~~ hahahahahahaha!!!

SChinTXIV said...

wth... really funny

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

>FongE :
你别酱臭心可以吗? :3 很鱼的咧 =~=

>Shinto :
Hopefully that cashier will forgot my face~~ :3

mm'story said...

very de sia sui woooooo!
your "lucky" day XD

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

>MingMing : :3 yeah~ "Lucky" day =~=