03 January 2011

"Symbolic" Week

Today is Monday ( first day of class , just after the short break )
I have my first meeting with Mr. Goh in his office with DaoKun, JunHao, Michael & 3 current ambassadors.
After the meeting rush to my WebService Quiz @ 9am.
Have my brunch @ OT, yucks =~=
then class class class~
PLC Quiz~

Ohya, Today our NEW president came to campus already :D
click here for more info about him. (cool profile huh? ; HOPEFULLY we will likes you)

On the way back home after class, i took a thailand movie from Weikang :D
nice movie~ (from the trailer,coz i haven't watch it yet)

I "Dabao-ed" 6 nasi lemak + 5 chicken curry at the back entrance of Cyberia :S
Many peoples see me like a Delivery-Boy =~=

this is the trailer of the movie that i mention just now :D

Exam Schedule · Thanks MMU for that PERFECT  arrangement

p/s: suitable title? a week that I should throw lots of symbols :P
Have Class @ 8-10pm later,
Gonna have Assignment Marathon this week =~= (3) + 1 more quiz

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