07 December 2010

Malacca Updates

I crap a lot in this post XD
you can just close this tab if you dislike crap XD

Before I start,lets make an late announcement here :D
Actually i started a "stupid" project called:
《The TripleA Project》 *i'm clickable :P*
♥ A Song/Video/Note
♥ A Photo
♥ A Day

since 19 November :)

Today's Video ☛  Musicians vs Comedians 
what I get from this video : You're just great to be yourself

I Woke Up @ 2pm today :3
roll roll roll , went to mart to bought my supper XD
yeah, i didn't type it wrongly :P
After that, i depart to campus from Taman Kerjasama.
i go through EP and had my brunch @ the Mixed Rice there =)
teehee, then i stay @ campus library until 10pm++

hehe, long time din use webcam to "shot myself" =p
I went rumah kuning for dinner :D
& bought burger @ the stall in front of 7eleven ^^
Kinda enjoy my day alone :D

I took some photos @ malacca, you can click here to view them :D
But today i din bring my camera to campus because my laptop is so heavy :3

Last thing to say, the road kinda dark from campus to taman kerjasama @ night.
I keep on looking around ><

Please be alert guys. =)
of course girls too~ =P

Yeah, I'm fat  :3

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