16 December 2010

JJ LIN 林俊杰 《她说》金选 by ME

JJ LIN marathon :P
 ♥ 好喜欢他的声音 ♥ 

这些都是给别人的歌 :)
现在自己拿来翻唱 =)

JJ LIN(林俊杰)爱笑的眼睛

JJ LIN(林俊杰)当你

JJ LIN(林俊杰)记得

JJ LIN(林俊杰)心墙

And Of Course~~~~

JJ LIN(林俊杰) 她说 (she says)

-I blogged about it last last time-
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**YiNjUn** said...

hey hey...i juz know those song was compose by him....wow...i love his voice too^^

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

HAHA 。。so outdated 1 arr u :P
those song very old ald wor :P
he wrote for 王心凌 and 阿妹 geh ma :D
his voice very nice =)