26 November 2010

Important Notes (MMU)

Hey guys please spend few minutes of your time to read this article.
It's a quoted post. It's about Sexually assaulted cases in MMU (Malacca)
Please Do share with your friends and family after reading.

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                         I don't believe a lot of what I heard about those sexually assaulted cases that happened at my campus area until yesterday. I used to treat them as some rumours. But what happened on me yesterday was not a grapevine. It is TRUE. FYI, I am currently studying at Multimedia University Melaka Campus.

It was five o'clock in the afternoon. As usual I was walking alone back from class to my hostel. I always walk home alone because I am staying at Taman Dahlia area which is the opposite side of Ixora Apartment where most of my friends stay at. Passing by the back gate near ITSD laboratory and the wide field - My 5 minutes daily route to school.

When I walked through the corridor of ITSD lab, a man stopped me and asked me for the time. He was an Arabian international student (I supposed he was an IS from my campus), with around 170cm height, an average weight and wearing black-coloured T-shirt and jeans. I felt uncomfortable when having the short conversation with him. He was being very friendly but I really didn't know the reason why I was scare. I avoided to look into his eyes because I remembered my mum used to remind me not to have eye contact when talking with strangers, so I didn't. In addition, the security guard was not around during that time.

Right after our conversation, I contined my way back to my hostel. I couldn't explain why I felt really uneasy after talked with the Arabian. Now I strongly believe that girls ought to have a faith in their sixth sense and use it to their full advantage. I quickened my step and kept glancing behind to ensure he wouldn't follow me. The worst thing happened. He walked behind me and soon he approached me again. Then I took out my phone and started calling my bf. However my bf missed the first call I made. He started another conversation with me again:

IS: "Hey I want to ask you, do you shave your legs?"

ME: "No I don't. Why? "

"Your legs look very fair and shiny! That's why I'm asking you whether you shave them or not. You're very pretty like you are one of the SRC's model." (p.s. IDK what he meant by the WTF SRC's model)

"Oh? Okay..."

I was so lost. I found myself couldn't talk properly edi.

"Do you shave your pussy?"

"........(STUNNED and praying so hard that my bf would pick up the phone immediately!)"

"Sorry I don't understand what do you mean," I said, in a calm yet twisted tone. Remain calm is the very important thing in the face of danger. Though I could only stick myself to the phone and hoping desperately that my bf would answer it.

"I mean your private part." He looked directly into my eyesight when he talked to me, like he was going to have further action soon in anytime. It was so damn creepy and I was freaked out with his expression. I peered in all directions and I saw TzeMyin who was Elaine's housemate last time. Finally a person I know!

Like finally, my bf picked up my call. "Sorry I have to answer this call now..." said me to that asshole. Then I told my bf to meet me at the field immediately. I couldn't talk in a proper way and I just told him to come fast. Eventually the asshole walked away. I knew I would start shouting for help if he didn't leave. I almost cried. I was so helpless!

Soon after he left, I walked towards TzeMyin and I told her about everything. We walked back together until the crossroad and we walked back separately to our house. One minute later I saw the bf and right away we went to TzeMyin's house together to ensure for her safety. Can you guess that I saw the asshole was still wandering at the residential area in front of me?! I told my bf in a terrified voice: "That's him! That's the pervert!" The bf wanted to confront him but I stopped him. What if that asshole was armed with weapon? We had only two persons that time.

I must say, our safety is not assured even in the broad daylight. The crime is so rampant nowadays so please be prepared to defend yourself anytime. Just to share with you girls and guys, too!

p.s. Thanks god for saving me from even crazier shit than this! 

I share this out because I really don't hope that there will be more victims like me
If you think that there is no necessary for me to make such a fuss over it you're always welcome to press ALT+F4 and fuck yourself on the wall you blardy cold-blooder :)

In Short, Please Don't walk alone!

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