28 August 2010

The Day I Get Her...

Testing testing
Testing again :P
-paid & going for dimsum-
Drive me
@Puchong , Dimsum-ING
-Another Random-
-Going Back Cyberjaya-
-I Started My Plog here- *Photography Blog*
Feel Free To Visit Me There :D


annayen said...

finally you bought it?
hehe =)

between~i saw my foundation friend ZhiKun inside..haha XD

优之草 said...

haha ...
finally get ur D550???
how much ar???
wish u take nice photo n post up ya! ^^

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

-> M^2 : yeah,bought jor :D
hehehe, i know you know him ^^ surprised? :P

-> SiewWen : en, 2800 got change :D RM1

annayen said...

wow~~so rich!
when wanna treat me eat big meal then? hahah XD
how you know 1?!!!

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

now very poor ald lar... :O

hehehe~dunwant tell u :P