25 July 2010

Purpose Driven Life

What's In Your Hand ?

View the video to know more :)

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19 July 2010


Let the photo talks...

15 July 2010


Introducing few nice place to know about HTML5




I skipped my Operating Systems' Tutorial Class for that ~_~

What am I talking about?????

It's a event held by Google in my campus..

Tomorrow is the last day :D

Day 3 (16th July)
1000hours - 1130hours :: Ruth Beattie "Google AdSense"
1400hours - 1530hours :: Edina Nasseri "Google Sketchup" or Yap Sau Bin - "Google earth"


Below is the presentation slide for HTML5 :)

If you missed it, take a look at it :)


**you may click the image above to view it :)