11 June 2010

TM Point S***

i'm back^^

Monday (7 June 2010)

I went TM Point (Cyberjaya)
to pass up the form for applying UniPack 4Mb~
Let's Seee....

6 counters...
BUT only 3 people working...
most of the time,
the counters is empty...

Wait until sleeepy....
Finally, we get served~
see the above picture...
she left again...

felt so sick of it~
hehehe, should be posting this on MONDAY geh,
but my house-mate's HP sot sot di.
cannot transfer photos to computer~
so keep on waiting lor :D
I'm just vent around~

o.O ..TM boleh.. O.o

1 comment:

annayen said...

pity you~~
i went last time,5 minute gao dim~
hahaha XD

* i saw your Spongebob when movie(Karate Kid) just now~~ngek ngek ^^V*