21 June 2010

Karate Kid

【 Karate Kid 】 -click to view official website.
Yesterday watched it at IOI MALL 9:55PM
Actually during evening,
I was Facebook around and I listened to a MV called Never Say Never.
It's a nice piece of music^^
will share it down there~

Kinda long time didn't go cinema for movie^^
become Otaku already? Yes?
MayBe~ I not sure XD

Overall, It's a nice movie~
some parts were quite touching ~【Story about Mr. Han】
some parts were quite "pain" ~【Xiao Dre Punched and Kicked by bullies】
some partssS were quite funny ~ 【Too Many to List it here XD】

~Here is the MV that I mention at the first moment~

can you imagine that?
Is 17,797,336 views...

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