26 June 2010

Broga Hill

26 JUNE 2010
0430 woke up and prepare to depart

delay for "a" while
Ohh.. .. I saw Johnson before depart :D

we reach there about 0600
we bought 1.5 Litre Mineral Water & 4 breads for breakfast

@_@ Kinda Excited @_@
start climbing~
keep on climbing~

We Reached the TOP :D

too bad the photos not with me
but with a new friend of mine called Mellisa
(Hopefully i didn't spell wrongly)
(got ChiewMay geh feeling XD )

Afterthat, we go down and meet 文讲师 & Alice them~
^^ Ate Banana ^^
^^ Drank some water ^^
^^ Continue going down the hill ^^

These are some of the photos in this trip

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