28 April 2010


The moment before I went into MMU Malacca Campus for registration

Before I enter RED5 (Orientation Group)
Before I met those friends (Some still in contact, some not)
Before I assigned in PT05 (Foundation in IT Group)
Before I joined Chinese Orchestra Society (Malacca Campus)
Before I finished my Foundation (@Malacca Campus)
Before I shifted to Cyberjaya Campus for my Degree (Software Engineering)
Before I meet new friends (Mostly Hi-Bye Friends?)
Before I wrote this post (with EMOness)

What should I do?
I miss the time at secondary school,
Although there's some unpleasant things happened...
I felt that I'm useless...
What did I done nicely?
I cannot find one of it...
I meant it...


fong ee said...

hey is me again =)
hmmm how can i stop u from thinking such useless things huh??
u're not useless! u're KK!
the kk that teach me alot in studies.
the kk that always bring us joys.
the kk that lived and make me felt proud that u're one of my friends.
final exam is coming, use the time to study more instead of thinking.
then after exam, have a relax holidays, juz be relaxed ok?
there's always someone to talk to, u know it. =]

七仔 CJ said...

Upstairs 1 is right!!!
Whr de happy KK i know?!
Sometimes i'm emo too,
just that find ways to express it out!!!
Like what i wrote in blog~
I'm not happy!!! wtf~

K la..anything can find yr old fren to chat~ hehe...
include han kai, duck, and even wenwen n me..
we're glad to listen from you de!!
Chill yea~ XD

kaizen boy said...




Terry(Ur lovely roommate) said...

comment in wrong post lar..sini baru betul~

again,u r greatest in my heart!