15 February 2010

♥ Gong Xi Fa Chai :D

It's A Story About:

Today is 14FEB
Happy Valentine's Day
This year very special
It's CNY also :D

how I define CNY?

"CHIENese" New Year.. ^^

One Question keep on popping out of peoples' mind.
♥...?Family or Beloved?...♥
It's a hard question RIGHT?
hehe,I no need to worry about this question.

Today I went SP to visit my relatives,
we planned to go around 12noon..
End up with 6pm only depart =.=

Cooked jor CHOY__(菜/Vegetables)
Cooked jor HAR__
Cooked jor YU__

I didn't took any photo today,
because I didn't have camera >,<

Conclusion of today:
Tired, Hot, Bored

♥ TouchScreen Handphone ♥

♥ DSLR Camera ♥

♥ Ipod ♥


annayen89 said...

just pass by~~
Happy Chinese New Year^^
enjoy the holiday ya :p

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

lols..welcome welcome
come in and yamcha^^
顺便 give me angpow^^

HAppy CNY too^^

enjoy your holidays too n_n