23 January 2010


It's 6.00am.
I can heard people "singing" (念经) outside there...
Finished 1st week class in NEW sem.
cut jor NEW hairstyle. *macam very noob jek@@*
I applied for NEW streamyx COOLUNIPACK

This sem i took 5 subjects.
♥ Transferred Moral Studies (▪ᴥ▪)
♥ TEP1281 aka Ethics and Professional Conduct
My lecture kinda cute XD
XXX : "Don't login my ID to tick your attendances."
*She accidentally type her password in the login ID space* XD

♥ TCS1011 aka Data Structures And Algorithms
This subjects well-known as the FAIL subject=.=
I kinda worry about it since my CP1 and CP2 very poor..

♥ TMT1181 aka Mathematical Techniques II
Taught by a Doctor =)
another PRO lecturer,everything is printed in his brain..XD

♥ TCS2411 aka Software Engineering Fundamentals
I didn't print the notes out yet,
So I busy copying the notes during class.

♥ TMA1271 aka Introduction To Machine Architecture

I forgot what I learnt..
This make me felt myself very Useless and SAD.

FAQ (weird version)
♡ Still considering about the CCNA offerred by Cisco.
Should I take it?

♡ Still thinking about something.
Why I still thinking about it?

♡ Still worrying about this SEM.
Can I get better results like others?

♡ Still wondering why I cannot sleep.
What happened?


It's kinda TIRED already.
It's time to go and BED.
Share Latest NOOB face with you all. XD
suppose to have a meeting at FOE,
but cancelled already,
wanna go back Cyberia but rain =(
luckily saw Kepxian's CAR jek ^^
went Library wait for him to finish his meeting =)

p/s :
Kepxian is my ex-housemate.

♨ Happy birthday Jiakee ♨
wish your dreams come true ya =)
(▪ᴥ▪) JIAKEE :" When is my XXX will appear jek? " (▪ᴥ▪) XD


GOOD MORNING everyone..

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