12 January 2010

Holidays : " ByeBye"

As usual, recently kinda addicted to facebook.
But, i got new things to do =)
SDO-X (click the link to view some printscreen in my facebook photo album^^)
I knew it's quite outdated XD
but i think everything would be too late as long as we tried/took action =)

I heard Holidays say goodbye to me sometimes. >_<
, holidays is going to end~
new SEMESTER is going to start.
nothing special in this holiday.
I kinda enjoy the time that ROT at home..
anyway sure got went out for date =)
met juniors,friends,relatives...
ENJOY these time =)

coming SEM I think I'll be quite busy,
hope I can handle it well =)
our results going to out soon in this week =3=
GOD BLESS..don't fails any subjects...

ohya in this holidays really thanks to 李圣杰 XD
his song accompany me every single night...
《原谅我没有说》 (click the link to download this pretty album)

many ideas came out.
HOPE I managed to make the changes.



you saw that? if yes left your comment.

ps: I knew it's kinda bored to saw my post without photos XD
my Olympus rosak already,
HP too geng already,
Wallet too empty..
I going to have post with photos soon..
I think so XD
Coz i going to meet my friends~
I didn't have camera but they have ^^

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ineffable_ice said...

love who..haha..din tell me..