25 January 2010


Time flies really fast.
Today, I woke up by Vivi's SMS.
When I saw the date, realized that today is 24th of January already
Oh gosh...Sunday already, means tomorrow is Monday.
Frankly, I hate it soooo much. Maybe I'm afraid of the lesson going to have.
I thought i was stressed badly during my Foundation final semester. Compare to my current situation, I felt I have more stress than last time.I should happy or what? First week of my BETA 3rd semester didn't went OT :)

May be I should glad about it XD

Going to say bye bye to my weekends... T_T
Please don't go... I... I need you...When thinking about these, my heart is like *LubDub LubDub LubDub* OMG... I have lots of stuff wait to be done...

At last,

(I'll try my best)

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