07 December 2009


Didn't have the mood update my blog.
*Did I just said that I didn't have to do so? lol*

Suddenly lost the enthusiasm to write my blog.

Lost the AIM of writing.
Lost the OBJECTIVE to write.

Actually, who did I write for?
Actually, I want who to read it?
Actually, I also not sure.

Below there just a picture that i took and edit =)
my collection of MacD Contour Glass
my 19th birthday present


Recently, kinda busy with lots of task.


First, started with the Recreational Division Gathering that i host.
It's such a failure event that I went.
Initially busy with those games,
then the poster,
then promotion is kinda late to start.

Due to the shortage of number of participants,
I think most of the own member with meeting attend it to make it looks better.
I sit down and observe everyone's emotion.
*every participant sweating with this kind of event*

At last, just want to declare about the AIM for this gathering:
Just want to let members know more details about our division.

Thanks for everyone for supporting this failure event =)
Really appreciate it.


--Transforming The Human Spirit--
【From a culture of Violence to a culture of Peace】
but this time is under Art,Deco & Promo Division.
there were some photos uploaded in my facebook about this exhibition.
go and see if interested =)

Initially it's kinda stress and tired about everything.
Then,when it's over.We managed to get total of 650 peoples.
It's less for SGI & SGM.
but what i want to said is Quantity not that important,
Quality is the most important.
[We not set target only for the numbers of participants, actually we set target to let all the participants have a clear image about this exhibition]

Tuesday,I done my LabTest badly...
Wednesday,spent 4 hours to discuss our Malaysian Studies Role Play.
Thursday,Done our Role Play happily~
Rest TCP1241 assignment=..=
Went the Sepehr's house ask for guide =)
done the logic around 11pm.
Reza asked for supper then follow~
MacD with babak sepehr and reza @ KL...


Afterthat,my assignment done.
take a few hour nap then go to Malaysian studies class.

A bit late to class,it's 2.15pm already..【XR1001】
we were wondering why the lecturer not yet come in.
never mind,since I got my laptop~
until 2.45pm suddenly realize that the class should be at 【FITXR0001】
we go out from the class and laugh... ...then finished class at 3pm~
madam said thanks for coming XD
encore for the dances that we did on thursday XD
【Sorry Sorry Indian Version】

@ night,after having drinks @ Station1 with xinwei and soupeng,
we have party @ sepehr house.
the climax was the photo capturing section XD
photos uploaded in facebook =)
if interested can go there to have a look =)

Get a funny news from my teamate
He sent the assignment to another tutor's mail.
Luckily our tutor still accept our assignment submission =)


another wake up late day =D
have Nasi Goreng Kampung as my brunch =)
@ night having dinner with Sepehr,Reza, Babak,Vincent,Nick and Soroush.
@ IOI mall, WENDY'S

afterthat went Reza house to visit,then go to OT for drinks =D


Nothing much different,today wake up late also =D
cant go to PCfair already..
still plan to buy a 1TB 3.5" My Book tim... @_@

waiting for 5.30pm~
go to Neway singk...


#_# I should call it as Shout-K...
everyone is shouting
sienz diao..
no mood to sing oso.
but everyone seems happy =)
it takes us RM51 each.
photos will be upload in facebook soon.


Seems like almost every is over already.
just left FINAL ...

Good9 everyone.
have a nice day.


:::慧::: said...

really long time nvr update ur blog..
damn long..ha XD

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

yaya~a bit long time=)