03 November 2009

My Monday

8.20 in the morning woke up,
kinda lazy to go class.
*Stomach keep on shout*
Going to have 9am TDS lecture section.
It suppose to be 2hours class,
but lecturer let us go at 10am. *muahaha*

Then only have my breakfast at FIT building Chinese mixed rice.
11 having TCP lecture section.
*yawn* *yawn*
I didn't fall asleep la^_^
but not the one beside me^_^
Let me caught already^_^


The above figure shows the differences of BuchaBucha wintin 5 minutes.


after interesting Computer Programming lecture section~
I went library to photostat TDS notes~
got one very bad punya nice person borrow me her online notes to photostat..
Need to rush,because if i can't done before 4pm,
people will qiong sui me...
Boh huat lor~just finished class then rush to library already..

Felt so paiseh for those waiting for my notes to print out^_^
7sets of 56pages notes...
cost me RM19.60.

After finished stapler all the notes,went to CLS booth~
because not feeling like to eat alone.no appetite ni~
around 2++ went FCM foodcourt with Nick..
then continue stay at booth there until 4pm~

Follows Alex's car back,
because that Stupid Nick want go back sleep already~

Reached home already^_^
received a call from mummy and sister~
keng jor awhile then write blog lor^_^

Then now want go eat Dinner then have meeting already^_^

BYE bye...


zyrex 泽 said...

ur classmate sure is tired ....
sleep until like that...

n|Ck~^^ said...

zzzz wat stupid nick ?! ppl tired wan go home slp also kena u diao... wtf??

駱雲 said...

hehe ... LOL