01 November 2009

NO $$ NO Talk Week

having 2nd day of class in SEM-2(short SEM)
before having class,we went PappaRich for lunch~

GUESS who we saw?
Dr. Ku *** **** & Mr. Wong ** **** XD

I'm using my I-Phone to check the bill. A_A

What we ate???
@all curry...
Kepxian,Ahyang,Terry,Sianloong's were curry mee,
but mine was curry chicken rice...
(that one wait for 35minutes's curry chicken rice)

That's why i'm late to class...(not my fault.Sir!)
Is PappaRich's Fault X_x...


having 3rd day of class...
OMG..Is a 9am class(Malaysian Studies)
We cant found XR1001=..= after fews minutes...

Met Miss Yong Chyn Chye in class =)
I tried my BEST to concentrate in class,
But still fishing in class XD.

then,today's class is finished due to the TDS' tutorial section is cancelled.
Around evening,we went SushiKing to eat.

I ate Piri Piri Chicken =D
kinda full..
when walked out from restaurant.
signed-up P1-wimax(RM100)

having 4th day of class...
TDS having 9am lecture class @ FITXR0001.
I forgot to bring my jacket =..=
*shivering inside the class*
After finished shivering went XR1001 for MPW lecture section.
It's about Colonization in Malaysia.
Afterthat we went to Prima Avenue for lunch =)
We ate OldTown,but sit at Padi^^

then i still have my TCP first lab @ 2pm.
It's kinda stress for me #_#

NEXT,we have our dinner at MacD..

having 5th day of class???
You're wrong^_^
Today I didn't have class...
I just busy:
FACEBOOK around~
Open Lecture Slide~
Cleaning Toilet~
Wash Clothes~

OMG...They going Sushi King for Dinner...
I drank GreenTea only =..=
went bought KFC for my dinner~
*using nick's RM10 coupon*

Official Website
Today didn't signup P1wimax..A_A
we went to buy Desk~
We bought 3 desk and 1 chair.
1 desk RM70.
1 chair RM35.

Setup the desk A_A

no class for sure =D
nothing special for today~
continue clean our house~
the delivery that Nick called waited for 2 hours still didn't come...
END up with cook maggie and eat. XD
mine half an hour only~reach already...
now going to have my dinner~
Cyberia Mamak..gua..Sienz..

<> New look with "accessories" <>

Happy Halloween YA


*click the link above to view it in youtube*

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