24 August 2009

Me : "Hi,EMO."
EMO : "Hey,Welcome back!"
Me : "I decided to join u all again."
EMO : "Well,finally you know the way back home."
Me : "Emm,yea.I'm Back!"
EMO : "Eat already?"
Me : "Breakfast? nope. Lunch? nope."
EMO : "Cool man!I thought you just suffer from gastric past few days?"
Me : "Yea,but now I have no appetite to eat,even smell those food.."
EMO : "Oh i see.As you like,we are EMO group,just do nothing!"

Back to EMO style..


fongE said...

38 la u kk...
wat emo, dun join them...
join us...
happy go lucky!

Nichole Pang said...

gt such emo group o?

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

FongE>wat 38 la..I like EMO.. =p

Ziyan>got arr..but i think not suits u la^^