09 August 2009

I miss you.

Today around 1pm depart from penang.
(went back cyberjaya)

In car,me and ZiZheng talk about everything.
When we talk about the things that we did in Foundation,
it's kinda funny~a bit bit 'sour' ...

I miss the every part of my foundation life..

From Orientation Week~
Met lots of new faces...
Start first sem~first class~first lab~

For my first class,(1000 class)
I went into the a class(CLCR3016) if not mistaken.
I thought I'm late.[but i reach at 0945 wor]
anyway,I pick a place to sit down.
at the moment,the peoples in class stare at me.
The girl that nearest to me said:"This is management class wor."
I: "Sorry, I think I'm in the wrong class."
(#.# came out from the class-..-)


Near the lift there i met Aizuddin,
the first classmate that i met^^
YTM scholar...Fuyoh..

1000 already,
the peoples in the class went out-..-
they didn't forget to stare me-..-

I go in with Aizuddin..
at the same time,
Jason and Chee Kian went in too..
then no more people came in =..=
"PT05 only have these people?"
(Questions ran through my mind...)

In the same day,
I have my first computer LAB~
I like the speed of internet...^^
I met New,Yongli,Daby,Guosen..(jz rmb these)o.o

searching around for STUDIO A...
going to have moral studies in there...
Finally let me found it~but still early..
I met daby again..
bcoz still early,v went around campus to explore^^
collect maps.... =..='''

Fuh~first day of my foundation!!

NOT going to continue to the second day~hahaha~
but got one fact...
first week come early 15-20 minutes to class...
second week 10 minutes early...
third week on time...

... ...
(hehe~u noe la...)shhh...

hp hilang - JCN - sotongDay - tired - very tired - around final

Afterthat,I went

MacD *n times
KFC *n times
Sushi King *10 times?
US Pizza *4 times?
DP *n times
MP *n times
Jusco *n times
Gogo *n times
Manara Taming Sari *2 times
Night Safari *1 time
Sajian Utama *n times
Habeeb * 5 times?
华人档 *n times
魔力点子 *10 times?
U center *n times
大杯水 *n times
Badminton *6 times?
Island Red Cafe *4 times?
7eleven *n times
MMU corner *n times
... ... ... ... .... .... .... ..... ..... ....

Another best memory I had is in IXORA.
the swimming pool..
which is the famous place for birthday celebration..
(throw people into the swimming pool is the real motive..)^^

I had my 18th years old birthday(14nov) over there..^^

ChineseOrchestraSociety organised 绚音翔旅~
everybody worked very hard,
and it's a big success...
relationship between members become nearer and nearer and nearer...

but,it came to a junction ...
(Malacca or Cyberjaya)
(Cyberjaya or Malacca)

it's a junction only~not a end..
I miss you all so much!!!
so much!!!

Actually if want to story about my foundation,
I think is impossible to wrote all...
but It's flows in my blood..
it's part of my body....


now alone in cyberia..


:::慧::: said...

haha..i cant rmb my first day in foundation year..miss u too^^

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

haha~y cant rmb wor??

i still have very clear image of it^^
v first met is inside the lab.stil rmb?

u give the first sight feeling is very cool de ah girl.

kaizen boy said...

i miss u too~
so please do remember to miss me as well, as i rugi..

erm, i remember when i 1st met u, u were playing erhu, then suting tell me u are wind part, ask me go practice with u..
my head full with '??????'

:::慧::: said...

i really cant rmb le~~>.<

haha..at last u know i m very 38~not cool at all~

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

->kaizen boy
cout << "haha" << endl;
cout << "Okie,I'll.." << endl
cout << "Gandong desu.." << endl
cout << "u still rmb^^" << endl

cout << "haha" << endl;
cout << "U arr..." << endl
cout << "not only38 lor.." << endl
cout << "wakaka.." << endl