13 August 2009


Finally my project done already..呼呼^^
It takes so long for me to finish it~
at the beginning,I not so satisfy with it,
but after i managed to add color for the input of player~
got a bit satisfy with it already^^


Just click it to download.

Anyway,please fell free to download the rar file above.
And give me your feedback and some recommendation as well.

Ahyang called me up to attend class~
And I plan to skip the class~(TCE)
Thx god,YC called me and told me that class has been cancelled!
Then I continue sleep until 12noon~
then I went to LES class at 1pm.
afterthat went to CCU meeting room at Admin Building to check my PTPTN document~
OMG~stuck at there from 2pm to 330pm=..=
At the beginning got 2 officer help us to check and 1 officer help us to certify document..
dunno y after few moment jz left 1 ppl checking and 1 ppl certify(-(oo)-)
sienz dao=..=

After I done certify my stuff^^
I went out~Woah...so many ppls queue outside the room~
Pity them...^^
I plan to start my revision at library~
OMG...U know wat I realised??
I din bring my note out!!!
Hocai let me met dio a coursemate^^
Ah Hong..thx for the note yea^^
4pm,went to Korean class~
today Miss Kim makeup~
but i prefer her previous look^^
530pm finished my korean language class~
then follow ahyang's car back to cyberia~
Started to study database...
730pm follow kepxian's car went TDB exam=..=

dun want say about it le-.-
V went MacD for celebration...
finally the exam is over...

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