20 July 2009

-PD Trip-

today jz back from Deejay Club PD trip...

Actually there is lots of stuffs wanna talk at here~
but since I going to have my midterm test tmr...
So, I jz briefly explains about this @Trip@

Lets talk from the beginning~
In the bus,we have IP MAN~^^
kinda funny along the journey to PD...

Me,Terry,Nick & Kepxian assigned to the same room in Langkawi_1..

We kena assigned into 10 groups to play the station games at beach~
My leader are ICE,Kelvin,NJ~
My group name is [[ Crazy Coconut ]] (Group2)...
hehe~how was it??^^nice?
I figured out de oo^^

Station games were tired~but v are having fun^^
After the games,we have BBQ^^
afterthat, we have tenant show at another Banglow ...

my group join with group1~which under Khai Keat~
V presents Trailer of 《TRANSFORMER》
"I'm Megan Fox!"
(hope you guys having fun with our performance)

Next,we have clubbing section=.=
Grr...Nick,Terry and Kepxian pushed me to the center=.=
how embarrassed arr @.@
I dunno how to dance mar=.=

then v have the Singing and games section at Banglow too^^
fun fun fun fun fun~
OMG~next is the ghost story section =.=
Geli siaoz..

that time i think is around 1am le ba~
we go back our room and sleep like PIG lu^^

the next morning~v woke up at 930am~
MCC (Mong Cha Cha) go brush teeth and go down eat breakfast~
then is the time to giving the prize to the winner~
My group get 15batches^^

Then,we pack our things and go back lu~
We jz sleep in the bus until reach Cyberjaya lu~

Frankly,this is a nice trip!!
Who got the photos pls sent it to me ar..
I din have any of it arr T_T


dOlpHin said...

sound nice n fun neh~
surely u enjoy alot lo~

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

oh yeah ^
i'm!!! hehe~

u went bon odori ma??