09 July 2009


12:34:56 07/08/09

This is a memorable moment in this month... What did you do at this particular moment??? Who did you spent with???

I spent it at Cyberia only T_T
~9am have TCE lecture until 11am..
then have break until 1pm..
I sat YC's car back cyberia to rest..
(kinda sleepy today)
After one hour LES lecture section I sat Nick's car to SK eat Makdongdong^^
Before that, v went to indoor stadium to register to join clubs^^
I join:
- Deejay Club
&& (&& is the symbol of AND in C++ ^^)
- Chinese Language Society

so full arr..then went to Korean Language Lecture^^
energetic^^at the 1st hour,then started sleepy for the rest half an hour)...

T.I.R.E.D kut??

Today's task:
- LES proposal
- LES work sheet
- TCP assignment
- TCP tutorial
- LKB assignment

Cham lar...so many things to do lar this week...

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