11 June 2009


Motoman Inc. is an American subsidiary of the Japanese company Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

Motoman produces robotic automation for industry and robotic application:

  • welding
  • assembly
  • clean room
  • coating
  • dispensing
  • material cutting (laser, plasma, waterjet)
  • material handling
  • material removal
  • spot welding


Motoman SDA10 from Yaskawa Electric is a perfect robot-servant which can grill okonomiyaki with manual precision. When done with grilling the dish, Motoman even puts it on a plate, and applies condiments. Designed to operate independently alongside humans in the workplace, the 135-centimeter (4.5 ft) tall, 220-kilogram (480 lb) industrial robot has 15 joints - 7 in each arm and one in the torso - allowing a wide range of motion for the job, whether it be on the factory floor or behind the kitchen counter.

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