13 June 2009

DEDICATED to you..YOU..U..u...

DEDICATED to all of you!!!

have fun^^

11 June 2009


Motoman Inc. is an American subsidiary of the Japanese company Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

Motoman produces robotic automation for industry and robotic application:

  • welding
  • assembly
  • clean room
  • coating
  • dispensing
  • material cutting (laser, plasma, waterjet)
  • material handling
  • material removal
  • spot welding


Motoman SDA10 from Yaskawa Electric is a perfect robot-servant which can grill okonomiyaki with manual precision. When done with grilling the dish, Motoman even puts it on a plate, and applies condiments. Designed to operate independently alongside humans in the workplace, the 135-centimeter (4.5 ft) tall, 220-kilogram (480 lb) industrial robot has 15 joints - 7 in each arm and one in the torso - allowing a wide range of motion for the job, whether it be on the factory floor or behind the kitchen counter.

10 June 2009

secret note !!!

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There is hidden text here

*HINT: password is what I always want to remind you all~

09 June 2009


About noon,I depart from Penang to Selayang,KL.
We go eat *unknown fish*~
(actually is me forgot the name le~hehe^^)
Stayed one night at Selayang.

Early in the morning,woke up to have breakfast and depart to cyberjaya lu.
About 1045, found cyberia.
but need to wait for our agent- Cindy.
When she arrived,she took me to A3-06-02.
When I step in~woah~so syok..
(Is that our house??I'm asking myself)
then she hand me a branch of key and said
"This is your unit's keys A3-03-01."
=.=''ah ceh~not our house la=.=''
B'coz my father's lorry not allow to enter,
I need to carry my stuff from A2 to A3 T_T
far neh~I repeat for 4 times U.U
pity me~take so many things.

About 1145,Kepxian & Aimei reached.
His things take once nia~settled=.=''
after Kepxian's father left,TERRY arrived.
But,he wanna go KL play~
so he put two boxes then left lor~
Afterthat Me and Kepxian
have lunch with Aimei & Josephine.
Full le we go shopping=.=inside cyberia too^^
Then we go back for a sweepup lu.
My room seem so small,but ask me to clean them alone really tired.
TERRY where are you~Y.Y
Finally done cleaning~1600 something lo.
take a bath then go down to copy keys and buy new locker for our house^^
afterthat Me and Kepxian went a small trip in Cyberia~
(actually we want to find the shortcuts to sch,we failed to do so)
Then we back to room to rest~(sweaty)
around 1930 went down to have dinner~
I ate BBQchicken rice^.^not bad^.^
huhu~have another small trip to Aimei and Josephine's house~
so syok ~wat oso have le arrr~
not like ours~empty empty de~
Bored in Cyberia~
I mop my floor again=.=''
done~still early~
called mum,sister,dad~
still bored~called a NOOBIE..
talk for approximately 2hours=.=
then SMS + waiting kepxian back~
slept jor tim-.-''
saw another ppl's msg..
cant sleep,want go toilet=.=''
sms sms then no more reply~
then i continue sleep~

--Living Room--

--Dining Room--


--My Toilet--

--My Bed--
(temporary,b'coz TERRY didn't shift his stuff in yet)

--My stuff--
(kekez,a lot right??
didn't unpack all of them yet b'coz my table didn't arrived yet)

--View From My Room--

--View from my door--
(kekez, Kepxian & Aimei~)


0830,Kepxian to house~
I woke up,then continue sleep=.=
(what am i saying??haha..I don't know)
around 1000 ba~we went down mamak there eat roti telur^,^
I like that waiter's slang~hahaha

V: "Boss got what to eat ya??"
W: "errr..v got nat si~lot ti~camporcampor ade~"

Then I back to room to take a small nap~
bored~Woke up and go mop floor again=.=''
huhu~MY brother called me~
He almost reach already^,^
5D go and pack my stuff then go with my brother lor~

BYEBYE kepxian aimei~
Dun miss me too much ya~

(mana ade koleng miss me ya~haha^^)

Brother fetch me go 美罗's 品珍 eat 鸭面^,^
around 1800 we reach home lu^^
then i start my com.can on le~hahaha


Tired arr~
end here~

New Skin Released !!!


-dark forest

-creative art


-blue spiral



-acid rain

06 June 2009

I'm driving~
Seem so noob ya=.=
A bit la~
Did you heard before?
A penangite straggle inside Penang=.=


----Photo Update----






Time to say byebye...


Tomorrow I'm going cyberjaya lu...
shift my stuff into my house over there...
I didn't eat dio CENDOL yet arr...T_T

My computer sot sot sot!!!
argh~don't know how le lar=.=
no money to get a new one oso~
yet, didn't heard any news from YTM...


Dedicated to my friends:
  • Don't forget me ya.
  • For those have Dcampus call me ah.(I scared I'll bored in Cyberia.)
  • Remember!!must miss me.(Until me flu also never mind^^)
  • Please take good care ya~
  • I'll come back to find you all.
  • Keep in touch ya.