21 May 2009

9am in the morning..I wake up myself with the internal bio-alarm..

When i checked my mail,
realized that I was successfully shortlisted
in the second interview of YTM scholarship..

Called my mum to tell her this news..and chat for a while..
Got to stop the conversation because i need to continue burning my last minute oil...

Today 230pm went for PCT0015-computer statistics Final Exam...

Afterthat went Windmill with Kent,Yongli,Weijie,Jason,Jinhou...



Of course, I wouldn't miss the chances to bought some snack from Jusco^^
---For camping purpose---

As I reach home, Restaurant City was the first thing I think about..
Feed Ahping, MinQ, Kong, Wenwen, Kristy, Shuntze, Me and Ahlei eat sandwich^^

Settled everything only went to bath..
Yet,I click my MAfia after bath..
Since when I addicted to you!!! !!!

Went for an hour nap..
...Zzz zzZ Zzz zzZ ZzzZZZ...
IT maths arrr..Tomorrow 9am!!!

No mood study..
How am I going to die??
I no need to worry about my restaurant le..
Ahping help me take care =)

TODAY is a special day...5may...
Which means 520-(我爱你/I love you/Sarangheyo)
before 12..
I would like to wish...

Gtg..continue telan buku..

STATUS : Single
In a relationship
with my IT maths >.<

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