26 April 2009

"Saturday"-The 14th???

FRIDAY-The 13th

Today having "breakunch" with
*breakunch= breakfast+lunch
at EP mamak stall..

Suddenly, plan to go MBO for movie..
Jinhou force me go-.-
This is the first time I wear slipper to Mall..
Wow..This movie really consume lots or energy^^
I shout almost every single scene-.-
very "ganjiong"..
*ganjiong= nervious
The popcorn container also let me crumple until cacat jor..
After the movie we go back lu^^

Snap around evening
When the orange color pasted on the sky,
It seems like the solution that we searching for...

Around 10,
I continue watch "Nodame Contabile" Part2
at the same time..
I chat
I assignment
I Mafia


The sister - "QianQian"

The brother - "QuanQuan"

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