12 April 2009


Recently I didn't update my blog..

Out of idea?

The answer is mixture of them..

Concert is around-[18APRIL2009]
Final is around-[18MAY2009]
Due date for assignment is around-[8MAY2009]
Time to leave is around-[31MAY]

---Title of our concert---

---New Desktop Background---

---My Mafia---

---My Exam Schedule---

A bit StReSs lor..
nothing special about it^^

Today just met my papa
He's quite satisfy with my results
I should happy about it
but why i have kind of Stress again ya?

Maybe i should Relax
have a looooooooooooooong snap...
Today my house have a guest


He's totally bored without internet in his house^^
come here to enjoy the speed of N-series Ixora Network...
(better than cannot online^^)

Welcome ya~Joshua^^
haha~hope you have fun^^ (actually he just sit beside me)

Tomorrow going to have practice at main hall..

Equation of the day:

given that "online = offline" ,
online - offline = 0 ,
Factorise "oline" out,
We will get (oline)(n-ff) = 0 ;

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