13 April 2009


@.@ >.< #.# <.< $.$ >.> ^.^ -.- *.*
=.= +.+ ~.~ Q.Q w.w E.E r.r T.T
U.u Y.Y I.I o.O a.a P.P S.s D.D
z.z F.F G.G J.J K.k L.L X.x
C.C v.V B.B n.n M.M

Something that used to express the feeling deep inside..

Someones may like to use fake emotion to fool people..

Whatever..The important is happy everyday..
Sad also need to get through,
Joy also need to get through.

Why don't we kept those happy memories,
block those unhappy.

=)Happy Everyday=)

Today practice makes me tired..
Don't know why..

8pm went musics room to meet Joanne and WooiBin..
So gam.. Met Ahlei.. She's waiting for her sister..

Afterthat I went~
FSER FBL CLC to hang up our concert posters..
nice poster^^
I took one to stick at my room's door^^

FongE didn't take har~
Daby also didn't take~

I have lots of clothes waiting for me...
Lazy people...T_T


fongE said...

thank you kk for keeping my secret...
hanging banner so tired hor??
xin ku ni ler...

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

still ok la~
mb i'm too lazy liao~
so 特别累..
slept early lor~
last night^^

七仔 CJ said...

Sleep earlier lah~~ haha!
u everyday also very late sleep de!
>.< no gd~ no gd~