29 April 2009

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The order didn't wrong ya^^
I took today morning~
7am that IS go down swim..
(wouldn't cold???)

EARLY in the morning...the fire alert rang>.< NOISY!!!
(I think got people play it la... F***!!!)

【TODAY's breakunch = Ixora foodcourt 面粉糕】

When reach Ixora Foodcourt,
I realise I forgot to bring FongE's and my Statistics Textbook...
went up to take "them"...
Hohoho..when i reach my room,
I realise I also forgot to bring my water...
I'm glad that I coming back^^

I took my bottle and go downstair...
OMG!!!I forgot take the books again..
Go upstairs AGAIN!!! to take it..

I met Nathey when i reach Guard House
She is having her meal with us..
Finally can enjoy my 面粉糕…^.^呼呼


Afterthat heading CLCR2007 to have my today's first lecture section..
【PCT0015】-Computer Statistic

TODAY,I pay full attention neh..
I wrote few melodies during the break^.^
suddenly got feel,so note it down^.^
But very funny de=.=

Next,【PMT0055】- IT Maths.
my class at FSER0012~_~

TODAY,I macam lost Memory=.=
Suddenly,received Xueli's call...
The one talk to me was not her-.-

Is another girl,
she state that she found Xueli's HP and ask me go CITS LAB take back her hp...
But~I still having my class neh...
I asked Madam to have 5mintues break..
Madam said cannot yetO.o

So, I call back the girl to ask her wait for me lu...
During the break I ran to CITS D3 to find them=.=
When i reach FSER Xueli using another hp to call her own hp...
I accept the call and go to CITS lab to give back to herU.u
Then, continue listen to the lecture with sweaty body#.#

Around 6.15pm
Me,ZZ,Weijie,Yongli,ZZ's housemate went 663 to have our dinner
--RM53.00 in total--
still ok la~got four dishes...
So fulled...


Reach IXORA around 7.30pm
waiting for toilet=.=
Afterthat got ERHU class^.^
呼呼...long didn't have class lor...

As usual...MAFIA...
Tonight MSN sot sot???
or all people busy???
nobody reply me de luT_T
write this post in "FISHING mode"



going to sleep...


Angel said...

you so forgetful ah..terrible lo..beh siu la..

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

T_Tbeh siu=.=

I also don't want like that de arr

Recently so many things to do

How are you recently???

KrisTy said...

Ahahaha funny!first u forgot ur books,then remembered ur bottle but forgot books again ahha

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

aiyo~so forgetful la me~
mayb one day i forgot ur name~
must remind me oo^^haha