27 April 2009


Today wake up around 10am..
Try to continue complete my note..
so boring la-.-
but no $$ go out le lar..
Ahsoon and HK going DP today..


noob KK so pity...
taking photo through that noob webcam~
din have new hp with camera
Dajie want buy new SONY ERICSSON C905 le..so syok
I uninstall my Windows Live Messenger9.0,
reinstall Windows Live Messenger8.5..
Finally I can sign in to my MSN^^
really long time didn't sign in my MSN already^^
Suddenly,My Computer Lag...Lag...Lag...
About 5 minutes???
Then the below is the scene of my desktop=.=
OMG!!beh guai so lag lar..


Then received SMS from
(ahping = my roomate's classmate's housemate)
so far hor??
anyway..V are "apartment-mate" ma^^
Hohoho... "BAK KUT TEH" aka 肉骨茶 eat
too bad..I didn't have a proper camera snap a photo of it..
But it taste good^^
thx ahping

I finished Nodame Cantabile aka 交响情人梦^.^3days
The last scene really touching..
Almost cry..but I didn't..^.^
No la~because they recall back those funny stuff..
So, i laugh with some tears lo..COUNTED??

Then I continue chat and copy my things lor..
Hohoho..Ahlei Nudge..
(ahlei = roomate's classmate/ahping's housemate)
Got EggTart eat wor..^^
so nice..
Thx ahlei^^
Egg Tart got box so i can scan it^^haha

As a conclusion,
Yesterday I didn't went out for meal..
Didn't spent any money^^
The least that I spent for this semester^^


Who got Jay Chow's all album???
I forgot last time i get from who already...
I lost it...
I thought I got backup it~
but I didn't...
tell me if you got the complete set of his album^^
I want I want..

世界末日!!!I Like It...


iluvwenwen said...

woah, i got all his album, ngek ngek!!

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

大姐,I want all^^
copy into your pendrive la^^