29 April 2009

X . X













The order didn't wrong ya^^
I took today morning~
7am that IS go down swim..
(wouldn't cold???)

EARLY in the morning...the fire alert rang>.< NOISY!!!
(I think got people play it la... F***!!!)

【TODAY's breakunch = Ixora foodcourt 面粉糕】

When reach Ixora Foodcourt,
I realise I forgot to bring FongE's and my Statistics Textbook...
went up to take "them"...
Hohoho..when i reach my room,
I realise I also forgot to bring my water...
I'm glad that I coming back^^

I took my bottle and go downstair...
OMG!!!I forgot take the books again..
Go upstairs AGAIN!!! to take it..

I met Nathey when i reach Guard House
She is having her meal with us..
Finally can enjoy my 面粉糕…^.^呼呼


Afterthat heading CLCR2007 to have my today's first lecture section..
【PCT0015】-Computer Statistic

TODAY,I pay full attention neh..
I wrote few melodies during the break^.^
suddenly got feel,so note it down^.^
But very funny de=.=

Next,【PMT0055】- IT Maths.
my class at FSER0012~_~

TODAY,I macam lost Memory=.=
Suddenly,received Xueli's call...
The one talk to me was not her-.-

Is another girl,
she state that she found Xueli's HP and ask me go CITS LAB take back her hp...
But~I still having my class neh...
I asked Madam to have 5mintues break..
Madam said cannot yetO.o

So, I call back the girl to ask her wait for me lu...
During the break I ran to CITS D3 to find them=.=
When i reach FSER Xueli using another hp to call her own hp...
I accept the call and go to CITS lab to give back to herU.u
Then, continue listen to the lecture with sweaty body#.#

Around 6.15pm
Me,ZZ,Weijie,Yongli,ZZ's housemate went 663 to have our dinner
--RM53.00 in total--
still ok la~got four dishes...
So fulled...


Reach IXORA around 7.30pm
waiting for toilet=.=
Afterthat got ERHU class^.^
呼呼...long didn't have class lor...

As usual...MAFIA...
Tonight MSN sot sot???
or all people busy???
nobody reply me de luT_T
write this post in "FISHING mode"



going to sleep...

27 April 2009


Today wake up around 10am..
Try to continue complete my note..
so boring la-.-
but no $$ go out le lar..
Ahsoon and HK going DP today..


noob KK so pity...
taking photo through that noob webcam~
din have new hp with camera
Dajie want buy new SONY ERICSSON C905 le..so syok
I uninstall my Windows Live Messenger9.0,
reinstall Windows Live Messenger8.5..
Finally I can sign in to my MSN^^
really long time didn't sign in my MSN already^^
Suddenly,My Computer Lag...Lag...Lag...
About 5 minutes???
Then the below is the scene of my desktop=.=
OMG!!beh guai so lag lar..


Then received SMS from
(ahping = my roomate's classmate's housemate)
so far hor??
anyway..V are "apartment-mate" ma^^
Hohoho... "BAK KUT TEH" aka 肉骨茶 eat
too bad..I didn't have a proper camera snap a photo of it..
But it taste good^^
thx ahping

I finished Nodame Cantabile aka 交响情人梦^.^3days
The last scene really touching..
Almost cry..but I didn't..^.^
No la~because they recall back those funny stuff..
So, i laugh with some tears lo..COUNTED??

Then I continue chat and copy my things lor..
Hohoho..Ahlei Nudge..
(ahlei = roomate's classmate/ahping's housemate)
Got EggTart eat wor..^^
so nice..
Thx ahlei^^
Egg Tart got box so i can scan it^^haha

As a conclusion,
Yesterday I didn't went out for meal..
Didn't spent any money^^
The least that I spent for this semester^^


Who got Jay Chow's all album???
I forgot last time i get from who already...
I lost it...
I thought I got backup it~
but I didn't...
tell me if you got the complete set of his album^^
I want I want..

世界末日!!!I Like It...

26 April 2009

"Saturday"-The 14th???

FRIDAY-The 13th

Today having "breakunch" with
*breakunch= breakfast+lunch
at EP mamak stall..

Suddenly, plan to go MBO for movie..
Jinhou force me go-.-
This is the first time I wear slipper to Mall..
Wow..This movie really consume lots or energy^^
I shout almost every single scene-.-
very "ganjiong"..
*ganjiong= nervious
The popcorn container also let me crumple until cacat jor..
After the movie we go back lu^^

Snap around evening
When the orange color pasted on the sky,
It seems like the solution that we searching for...

Around 10,
I continue watch "Nodame Contabile" Part2
at the same time..
I chat
I assignment
I Mafia


The sister - "QianQian"

The brother - "QuanQuan"

25 April 2009

My Friday

Today after class settle the refundment of my insuran..
I went Finance Division queue,
queye long long..
my turn lor~
she asked me to go inside to ask~.~
go in and ask the chinese guy~
He asked me to go STAD pula=.=

If STAD there cannot help only come back to him#.#
Settle the Insuran Reverse at STAD^^

Software Engineering

The course that I'm going to take next semester..
Hopefully I can pass all the subject in this semester..
Going Cyberjaya soon..
Time left in Malacca is counting backwards..

Desktop Chat
Went out for a certain period..
then my desktop started to pop out conversations..^^
No Chatting No Life^^
Come Come Come and Chat^^

Tired for clean up my messy room..


Ate windmill with Dajie this afternoon,
Ate KFC with Mayi this evening,
Ate Gardenia myself this midnight^^

TOday I started to watch
"Nodame Cantabile"
Done part1 lor^^

Want to start revise what I learnt this semester..
Human Development
Computer Statistic
IT Maths

I borrow FongE's notes to copy~_~
haven't start yet..
KK!!! Fast..Complete your notes..

Song of the day..(intro by Joyce)
Yiruma - River Flows In You
U'll like it~trust me^^
download it and enjoy ba^^
Email me

24 April 2009


Jonker Street Promotion
Practise Time
\\\\Before Performance
//// During Performance
\\\\After Performance - With PEi Jiun(pipa player)
After Performance - With Rui Yun(pipa player)
After Performance - Whole Wind's group(SIT mode)
////After Performance - Whole Wind's group-(STAND mode)
Appreciatation Lunch-1
Appreciatation Lunch-Kaiwen
Appreciatation Lunch-2
Entertainment- Gogo(K-box)
*more photos to be upload..
Symphonious Odyssey became a


From the beginning,

we work hard,
practise hard,
prepare hard...

Due to the comments from the audience,
this concert quite successful^^

Happy about this..
The previous efforts that we exert receive endorse(Correct???)


那个人叫官理根 aka Thomas..

*Dear all COS members,
I'll miss you guys..
I really appreciate our chance to have this concert..
I'm leaving soon,
but i promise I'll back ok?

15 April 2009


Loooooooooong time didn't publish my own picture lo^^I went Tonkatsu Ramen @ DP =)
10April2009 's Photo~
(pity hor??tell you all,this photo is download FongE's blog)

Actually I took lots of photos~^^
but all of them inside my friends hp/camera..
This photo also download from her blog...
How was it??
that day damn tired la~_~
they so sui still can posting behind me~
If I'm not mistaken~
This should be the Computer Statistic Lecture...>.<

woke up,eat with NEW @ Ixora Food court
Computer Statistic
IT Math II
went MMU Corner with NEW, TERRY, YONGLI
Symphonious Odyssey General Meeting
Kaiyuan's Seminar
Drama Festival
(See from top of main hall,miss all drama-.-)
started to write this post
going to end this post

Going to Kaiwen's house wash my clothes~

13 April 2009


@.@ >.< #.# <.< $.$ >.> ^.^ -.- *.*
=.= +.+ ~.~ Q.Q w.w E.E r.r T.T
U.u Y.Y I.I o.O a.a P.P S.s D.D
z.z F.F G.G J.J K.k L.L X.x
C.C v.V B.B n.n M.M

Something that used to express the feeling deep inside..

Someones may like to use fake emotion to fool people..

Whatever..The important is happy everyday..
Sad also need to get through,
Joy also need to get through.

Why don't we kept those happy memories,
block those unhappy.

=)Happy Everyday=)

Today practice makes me tired..
Don't know why..

8pm went musics room to meet Joanne and WooiBin..
So gam.. Met Ahlei.. She's waiting for her sister..

Afterthat I went~
FSER FBL CLC to hang up our concert posters..
nice poster^^
I took one to stick at my room's door^^

FongE didn't take har~
Daby also didn't take~

I have lots of clothes waiting for me...
Lazy people...T_T

12 April 2009


Recently I didn't update my blog..

Out of idea?

The answer is mixture of them..

Concert is around-[18APRIL2009]
Final is around-[18MAY2009]
Due date for assignment is around-[8MAY2009]
Time to leave is around-[31MAY]

---Title of our concert---

---New Desktop Background---

---My Mafia---

---My Exam Schedule---

A bit StReSs lor..
nothing special about it^^

Today just met my papa
He's quite satisfy with my results
I should happy about it
but why i have kind of Stress again ya?

Maybe i should Relax
have a looooooooooooooong snap...
Today my house have a guest


He's totally bored without internet in his house^^
come here to enjoy the speed of N-series Ixora Network...
(better than cannot online^^)

Welcome ya~Joshua^^
haha~hope you have fun^^ (actually he just sit beside me)

Tomorrow going to have practice at main hall..

Equation of the day:

given that "online = offline" ,
online - offline = 0 ,
Factorise "oline" out,
We will get (oline)(n-ff) = 0 ;