03 March 2009

Today is MY day

Today is another busy day
EARLY in the morning,(Raining)
So cold~and the floor were Slippery..
from IXORA to FSER lab
I almost slipped twice already~_~
The Physics lab takes me 3hours..

from 9 to 12noon..then walk to EP..
Went EP but eat nothing(no appetite)
LANGGAR public phone pula~
when want go back almost Slipped again T_T
Afterthat went SAPURA sit,


Me & DABY sit 乖乖 do homework~_~
(Of Course~I got curi-curi go play RUBIC'S CUBE)^^
2pm until 4pm Computer Statistic
It should be a QUIZ for IT MATH II within 4pm to 6pm,
but our madam NOT feeling well,
so~our class had been cancelled...

go back IXORA at 4pm..
don't know what I did..

When I want to start solving my physics' tutorial question,
My stomach started miss call me..
"I'm hungry~I'm hungry~,"It says

Ate one Maggie~
then realise 8pm already
Time to go..
attending my ERHU class..
Pay my ERHU fees...RM64.00
go back to here^^write this post~
then going to start my physics' tutorial D~^^

KK 说一说 :
“Something means Somethings”
“Nothing means Nothing”
“Wishing means Hoping”
“Happy means everything”
“Say to yourself,Today is my day!!!”

(did you... ...???)

Optimistic + Life = Happy + Life
cancel off "Life"
we will get
Optimistic = Happy
due to KK's TheoryL1
Happy = Everything
Optimistic = Everything

Be Optimistic ya~Cheer!!

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