04 April 2009

My Future Deskky



--Power Supply--

--Graphic Card--



This is the first draft of the deskky that I quote..
How was it???
Can give opinion and some suggestion about it???


iluvwenwen said...


Lucas said...

eh, consider good lo, got graphic and good processor.

๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...


Normal use is more than enough le lor~
not high-end computer lor^^

非职业演员 said...

graphic card,if u wan cheap and better performance,go for ATI HD 4670
cost u rm330 nw

processor,hmmmm,q8300 nt a good processor i thk,go for q94oo and above,price wun be a burden i thk

ram is goood no doubt

psu also quite good,since it is china brand and damn cheap am i rite?

非职业演员 said...

and u still got 1 monitor to go

recommend u buy samsung 22inches,because it is cheap nw

and hdd,WD is always good enough.
somemore 1TB

prices of all items,i thk i no nd to advise anythg,since u get the price from Stygix website if i m nt mistaken.
i m one of the price "updater",thats why stygix price which is in pdf format,i can recognise in 1 sight.
good luck in ur purchasing soon

°•UK™•° said...

Listen to pcd... he's good in hardware... and he's true about graphic card as he's a FAN of 4670..
that gpu you aiming.. same as mine... er... should i say... it's ENOUGH for me... yea that's the word...

but i disagree with samsung 22" i'd rather go for dell 22" it's cheap and better feedback..
samsung good... cheap but sensitive.. spoil easily... dell more tahan lasak a bit...
PSU kuat...
HDD kuat... but i'm not a WD fan...
that's all i can give.. but if wanna build a rig... better not from stygix... ;x

°•UK™•° said...

ram is good ady...
psu same as mine actually... got money go for cooler master or huntkey 650...

processor and MoBo... better think twice... of stability... my personal experience...

hope all these helps... see ya...