06 March 2009

combo set

* Photo of the day ^^

As usual~having 10am class at FBL~
Then today i went CLC to take JCN ticket from Joyce
me very nice~ask mai Daby Kent and Tong go with me
then hor~that stupid Kent so sui~
did that stupid act..let me paiseh nia~

After class~
go back home~
WALAO..so many clothes waiting for me lar

go wash..
* My clothes

need to hang them gok neh~_~
it takes me more than one hour to settle these..

then rush to COS practise..
not all ppl attend tonight..
Try to settle the Tutorial Question for PCT & Physics..
early early go sleep already..(3.00AM)

* Photo of the day ^^

8am class arrr...I try to wake up at 6AM to continue my works..
But when i open my eyes,
somemore the toilet is fulled...
today combo..one hour break only..until 2pm..
Today Having IT maths quiz@.@
Terry and Zhizheng's group having Drama Presentation for PHD..
Funny and interesting...
STRESS neh..like this...

Go back ixora..
when i woke up..
realise that IXORA management there ask ppl come to spray that smoke things again=.=
FAST arrr..
go and rescue my clothes
abo me die arr..wash again..

* My clothes

Hocai..i still got time to keep my clothes..^^hoho^^
ops~go and bath first..
then rush to COS practise again..
Today Steven mood not good oo..
conduct until 10 sumthing then go back le~
wrote this post..then continue do PCT assignment..

KK 说一说 :
“We work hard for better result”
“We practise hard for better performance”

“If we want to promise something”
“We need make sure we can make it nicely”

Did you promise something??
(DID you?)

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七仔 CJ said...

Everyday also busy !!