09 March 2009

Another Sotong Day

What I did today har???

[When my eyes blur blur]
Wake up1030
*Preparation for PHD presentation
[So hard to make this presentation attractive~_~]

*Revision for PCT midterm
[Revise a bit only,time limited]

*Information about COS
[Search some picture and some data for CLC exhibition]

Went school1330
*Drama practice
[went ACR ground floor to practise]

Went Jusco1630
*Buy props for drama
[Eat KFC..hoho]

Went school2000
*Percussion Practice
[喜庆锣鼓-A percussion song for audition this Thursday]

*Cello Class2030
[cancelled because crash with meeting hour]

Sorry ~LY~

*COS Concert Meeting
[Flash team wanted!!!]

*Percussion Practice2130
[GANJIONG desu..Audition is coming]

Back Ixora0000
*Preparation for PHD presentation
[Headache arr,Thursday presentation already n_n]

*Revision for PCT midterm
[See dio book, dio start sleepy]

*Information about COS
[Blur blur already my eyes]

*Drama Script

[Need to memorize all the dialog in drama]

*Write blog0200
[How I enjoying my busy life at here]
[still can chatting=.=11contact at the same time]

Going end this post with some photo^^
* SOLO time - [taking with my new toy]

* [Guan long stuck inside^^]
* Me & FongE
*大合照 - [喜庆锣鼓 TEAM] take1
*大合照 - [喜庆锣鼓 TEAM] take2

Actually today i take more than these de...
But,Kent din sent it to me...
Bo huat lor...