31 March 2009

Symphonious Odyssey


Symphonious Odyssey_3


Date:18 April 2009
Venue:Main Hall
(Multimedia University Malacca Campus)


For further information,
please click on the picture to view our blog.

24 March 2009

Midterm Break

[Draw your own rainbow in your life]

Actually I also don't know what to write at here.
Suddenly want to write something in my bloggy.
This week everyone in MMU having midterm break,
Me too,the different is they all going back hometown but i didn't.

-Walk alone
-Eat alone
-Watch movie alone
-Emo Alone
-Laugh alone
-Do assignment alone

-Sing alone

ALONE not a good feeling actually...
But why those people felt sad will ask people to leave them alone???
My friends,when y
ou felt sad don't hesitate to ask me to accompany you...

Bored in IXORA...
so many things waited to be done...
But no mood do...
How wor@.@

[26-27MARCH]-COS Jonker road performance training
[28MARCH]-Jonker Road Performance
[1APRIL]-PPC0045 Midterm exam
[3APRIL]-PHD0015 Folio

[6APRIL]-PMT0055 Assignment2
[6-9APRIL]-COS concert Exhibition
[18APRIL]-Symphonious Odyssey

I'm tired...
Tired about everything...

[This' the time for me to REST]

Allow me to say this:
"I felt lazy to REST also!!!"
What a weird person I'm...


20 March 2009

[Fight For Number]

FFN contest

*(a)No need to find out unknown x and y...^^
*(c)Substitute the value of x after differentiate each of the following...^^
*(c)Don't round off the answer...^^
p) is in degree...^^
*(c)The answer with 7-digit included 110 time the whole bracketsssssSSSS...^^

(a)limit both equation u->1

I'll update the result of the contest.
As below:
1.Cheang Jin Hou
2.Goh Tien Look
3.Goh Yongli
4.Joshua Fo Shin-Ton

18 March 2009

Request For Sponsorship

Today very tired...
having cough, flu, and a bit fever...
Went to Lab
Went to CLC
Went to FSER
Went to Toilet
Went to MiniMart
Went to Exam hall

Went to MacD

Finally finished my IT Maths II midterm...
Hope I can get good result la~

Today I very "guai"...
I off my deskky be4 i slept yesterday...
Just now after I reach home,
I try to switch on my deskky...

CLK...Cannot wor=.=
Damn Down lor...that time...
After 30 minutes trying....
Finally, turn on jor^^

I want to change my deskky already...
But still searching for sponsor...
Is there anyone got interest or not???
come come come
mari mari mari
来 来 来

Come to subscribe..
Fill the following details..

ID :__________
E-mail :_______
Amount :______
Remark :______
*Subscriber will have a chance to have dinner with KK.

09 March 2009

Another Sotong Day

What I did today har???

[When my eyes blur blur]
Wake up1030
*Preparation for PHD presentation
[So hard to make this presentation attractive~_~]

*Revision for PCT midterm
[Revise a bit only,time limited]

*Information about COS
[Search some picture and some data for CLC exhibition]

Went school1330
*Drama practice
[went ACR ground floor to practise]

Went Jusco1630
*Buy props for drama
[Eat KFC..hoho]

Went school2000
*Percussion Practice
[喜庆锣鼓-A percussion song for audition this Thursday]

*Cello Class2030
[cancelled because crash with meeting hour]

Sorry ~LY~

*COS Concert Meeting
[Flash team wanted!!!]

*Percussion Practice2130
[GANJIONG desu..Audition is coming]

Back Ixora0000
*Preparation for PHD presentation
[Headache arr,Thursday presentation already n_n]

*Revision for PCT midterm
[See dio book, dio start sleepy]

*Information about COS
[Blur blur already my eyes]

*Drama Script

[Need to memorize all the dialog in drama]

*Write blog0200
[How I enjoying my busy life at here]
[still can chatting=.=11contact at the same time]

Going end this post with some photo^^
* SOLO time - [taking with my new toy]

* [Guan long stuck inside^^]
* Me & FongE
*大合照 - [喜庆锣鼓 TEAM] take1
*大合照 - [喜庆锣鼓 TEAM] take2

Actually today i take more than these de...
But,Kent din sent it to me...
Bo huat lor...

08 March 2009

3 8 妇女节

妈咪 ~ 妇女节快乐
Just finished calling my mum @ Penang..
Mum take care ya^^
I miss You^^


I want to sign in with this account la...
always pop up error..

ERROR CODE : 8100030d

Sienz diao..can't run the troubleshoot also
keep on retry oso can't
create this create that also can't
Who can help me ~_~

With the help of WLM, I done my PCT assignment already..

Family is Sin90 = 1,
Love is Cos90 = 0,
Friend is Tan90 =

==Photo Update==

Japanese Culture Night

* Yongli Ming Me

* Daby Me Tanuki Kent Yongli

* Me and Sufen

* Me and Cheryl

* Kristy and Me

* Joyce and Me

7 March 2009

TOday 10am woke up
prepare to discuss about the English Drama
12noon KENT JASON & YONGLI went my house
afterthat we went to FSER4017 to start our first take=.=
ZZ and DABY also joining
I'm the A****(weird)

After the practise I went back IXORA
Prepare to go to
I like the creativity of this whole event..
Full of surprises..
Y i din get the lucky draw ya?~_~
after the show v went Yamcha at Cahaya Dinar..

* Photo of the day (thatSTUPID KENT dunwant sent me)

[updated 3/08/2009 :: -post link- ]

Pity KK..
Poor KK..
I still need to:
~type the Drama script
~prepare the PHD presentation
~prepare the PCT midterm test
~prepare the IT maths Midterm test
~prepare the PPC Midterm test
~complete the PCT assignment
~complete the PPC tutorial

KK 说一说:

06 March 2009

combo set

* Photo of the day ^^

As usual~having 10am class at FBL~
Then today i went CLC to take JCN ticket from Joyce
me very nice~ask mai Daby Kent and Tong go with me
then hor~that stupid Kent so sui~
did that stupid act..let me paiseh nia~

After class~
go back home~
WALAO..so many clothes waiting for me lar

go wash..
* My clothes

need to hang them gok neh~_~
it takes me more than one hour to settle these..

then rush to COS practise..
not all ppl attend tonight..
Try to settle the Tutorial Question for PCT & Physics..
early early go sleep already..(3.00AM)

* Photo of the day ^^

8am class arrr...I try to wake up at 6AM to continue my works..
But when i open my eyes,
somemore the toilet is fulled...
today combo..one hour break only..until 2pm..
Today Having IT maths quiz@.@
Terry and Zhizheng's group having Drama Presentation for PHD..
Funny and interesting...
STRESS neh..like this...

Go back ixora..
when i woke up..
realise that IXORA management there ask ppl come to spray that smoke things again=.=
FAST arrr..
go and rescue my clothes
abo me die arr..wash again..

* My clothes

Hocai..i still got time to keep my clothes..^^hoho^^
ops~go and bath first..
then rush to COS practise again..
Today Steven mood not good oo..
conduct until 10 sumthing then go back le~
wrote this post..then continue do PCT assignment..

KK 说一说 :
“We work hard for better result”
“We practise hard for better performance”

“If we want to promise something”
“We need make sure we can make it nicely”

Did you promise something??
(DID you?)

03 March 2009

Today is MY day

Today is another busy day
EARLY in the morning,(Raining)
So cold~and the floor were Slippery..
from IXORA to FSER lab
I almost slipped twice already~_~
The Physics lab takes me 3hours..

from 9 to 12noon..then walk to EP..
Went EP but eat nothing(no appetite)
LANGGAR public phone pula~
when want go back almost Slipped again T_T
Afterthat went SAPURA sit,


Me & DABY sit 乖乖 do homework~_~
(Of Course~I got curi-curi go play RUBIC'S CUBE)^^
2pm until 4pm Computer Statistic
It should be a QUIZ for IT MATH II within 4pm to 6pm,
but our madam NOT feeling well,
so~our class had been cancelled...

go back IXORA at 4pm..
don't know what I did..

When I want to start solving my physics' tutorial question,
My stomach started miss call me..
"I'm hungry~I'm hungry~,"It says

Ate one Maggie~
then realise 8pm already
Time to go..
attending my ERHU class..
Pay my ERHU fees...RM64.00
go back to here^^write this post~
then going to start my physics' tutorial D~^^

KK 说一说 :
“Something means Somethings”
“Nothing means Nothing”
“Wishing means Hoping”
“Happy means everything”
“Say to yourself,Today is my day!!!”

(did you... ...???)

Optimistic + Life = Happy + Life
cancel off "Life"
we will get
Optimistic = Happy
due to KK's TheoryL1
Happy = Everything
Optimistic = Everything

Be Optimistic ya~Cheer!!

02 March 2009




10点课( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊!

SUFEN nudge了阿权...
说:"我要<幸福抉择I DO> 第六集..."
"Swom~" 飞了出去..
等着电梯又PATAH BALIK (Why?)
迟了一些些...PHYSICS 今天 QUIZ=.=
SIENZ 掉...(两个小时)


OMG~做了几题past year paper~

今天阿权想问问... ...

01 March 2009


风和日丽的昨天... ...
我到NEW家做“耳塞闷”... ...
做的过程中... ...
在我的“带领”下... ...^^
我,永利,NEW笑破肚皮... ...

突然大风吹起... ...
*把门帘吹得好高好高 (⊙o⊙)哦...

下起了一场大雨... ...
*稀里哗啦的... ...

也是忙了“耳塞闷”一整天... ...
好闷(⊙o⊙)哦... ...这"耳塞"... ...=.=''
做着做着就拿起了永利的手机 拍了几张...O(∩_∩)O
因为电脑空空... ...(没有我的照片)O(∩_∩)O
无料却发现到... ...
T_T 好明显的一根... ...
写完了就要继续做“耳塞闷”了... ...
我不要... ...