26 January 2009


14 January, 11pm I went up a bus to back Penang...

Before i went up the bus i saw one lenglui oo^^
then got one ppl come near me~
not lenglui~is a guy~-.-
ask me to give him some money to let him buy ticket...
OMG i jz spent about RM300 at KL and Genting~
i give my coins~RM4.00...[dunno he real d bo~haiz~if real de really kolian neh~]

Becoz it's a night bus..
so i din sleep~becareful baru good~^^

15 January, 3am I reach Penang...

Butterworth Terminal,

but Sg. Nibong...
Hocai my sister come SAVE me..^^
I want drink water~~~~~
hoho..i found one machine^^
=.=this is a DARK machine...ATE my RM1.60...no coin le~cant buy drinks~take photo^^(to forget about thirsty^^)

15January 16 January
sleep chat eat chat eat chat eat chat sleep^^

i back to CLB(my secondary sch)
hehe~go back C C my Juniors~
then eat lor^^

18 January 19 January
wake up chat eat chat eat chat eat chat sleep

20 January

back CLB too^^
Met my friends too~
then back home eat^^
HEHE~i got sell COS d Bookmark^^

21 January
wake up chat eat chat eat chat eat chat sleep

22 January
Went back CLB again wor^^
today sibeh happy^^
I sold Bookmark~

I would like to say thank you to all of you for supporting Chinese Orchestra Society Multimedia University (Malacca Campus)!!!
I also want to take this chance to wish our(化蛹为蝶) concert ^^
[i'm CLBCO member...always...]
all the best...

23 January
today is the first time i drive to PACIFIC=.=
with Cat Cow Elephant~
v plan to go play bowling-.-
but got sch go there practise-.-

no lane le~so v go play ARCHERY~
Don't go anywhere~
Let me get ur heart^^

Play liao~

SUDDENLY i get sms~RESULT come out liao~=.=cant check yet...
went OLDtown sit sit

ATE tomyam mee^^


(meaningFul right^^)看戏抄的~^^

then I went BILLION with my parent~
OMG~still cant check my result so worry~
Hocai~got ppl help me le^^
I go scan BILLION d Shirt~no nice d~
BUT my sister found two for me~
how was it???

24 January
拔白果~拔白果~拔白果~chat chat chat^^

拔白果~拔白果~CLEAN CLEAN~

26 January
12noon only wake up^^
GO 拜年 lor~^^

^^Happy Chinese New Year^^

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