01 December 2008


Yesterday night having a COS concert meeting~
I went MMU corner ate Kari Rice & Pineapple ice~
in the meeting~
V play some games~
having fun..^^
V had been asked to draw a person with thier name...
paiseh ya~Swee Jin~
draw very ugly...
Obviously I cant draw...=.=

After the meeting I felt hungry~
bought Chicken Burger Special at Ixora~
After i ate the burger felt uncomfortable~
this is the earliest day i slept on my bed...

Fever ler...=.=
OMG...sienz diao~
Ate two Penadol and 凉茶丸 be4 i slept...
Argh~drank too many water...i think~
wake up every 30 minutes~
go to toilet..=.=
sienz sienz sienz~
suddenly received Thomas's sms about~
Change of the time for practise Erhu to TOday 9pm~

8am class..I 8am wake up~
headache~headache~wanna burst already~
Still go to attend the class..
blur blur de..haha~
very tired...no appetite to eat...=.=

9am class finished accompany Kent go eat chicken rice at EP~
then go library sleep^^huhu~
after 12noon class,went library continue~
after 3pm class,went library continue again~
Lucas wake me up~_~
T_Tcant sleep afterthat~
headache again~
after 5pm class...^^huhu~
放生~Back Ixora Sleep~
until 855pm only wake up~
then rush to Erhu practise~
1030pm only back...

I have Miss no good ep13 and ep14 lor~
but so tired to watch le~
wanna go sleep first lor^^
Tired...tmr morning 8am class again..=.=

Hope my headache will get well ASAP~

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