11 November 2008

Second Day Of My Second Semester

The Beginning


The Second Day

This Sem only have 3 subjects..

PFE0015-Fundamental Economics
PPT0015-Introductory Probability Theory
PEN0025-English II
Although is only 3 subjects..
But I felt like some kinds of breathless..
We need to finished them in duration of 8weeks only..

When I dream..
Miss Idah:"PEN0025 is much much much much more harder than PEN0015!!!"
Miss Idah:"We going to have Oral presentation and Writing Presentation on week8!!!"
Miss Idah:"Midterm for PPT0015 is around week5!!!"
Miss Tan:"Midterm is around week5!!!"
Miss Tan:"I going to have pop quizes,I wouldn't inform you guys!!!"
Madam Kausar:"4Dec is our PFE0015's Midterm exam!!!"
Madam Kausar:"Pass or Fail???Depends on you!!!You listen, you learn,you pass!!!"

The time table makes people tired...
8am till 9am
10am till 12noon
12noon till 2pm
Hocai...Today didn't have PPT's toturial..
abo...4pm need to attend class again...

I want watch Miss No Good(不良笑花) & Prison Break(越狱)...
But very very very very very Tired...
So, I sleep from 3pm to 9pm...
Lazy go out eat..
Really need to addoil..
Not satisfy with my last Sem result..

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