15 November 2008


Finally...I get the photos already lor...^^
When I watch "Miss No Good" ep10,
New came down and tipu me...=.=
We walk till swimming pool there...

Han Ah Kai
Huei Ah Wen
Yew Ah Meng
sembunyi between tiang=.=
Afterthat Zhi Ah Lei come down..^^

They make me this...
↑ One box Ice-cream + 17 Rocky + 1 Lolipop..^^

↑ Dajie ask me to blow the "candle"..^^

↑ They want throw me into the swimming pool..TT

↑ Y become like this?They said too heavy..not wrong order..>< ↑ Climb up from swimming lu..finally..^^

↑ wahaha..Hankai turns..^^

↑ Continue enjoy my Cake..^^

↑ Photo time..huhu~i'm in..ahlei too..^^

↑ So many left...how wor??..==

↑ hehehe...dajie face kena..^^

↑ 大合照~1

↑ 大合照~2

↑ 大合照~3

↑ AHwen With ME..^^

↑ 大AHlei With ME..^^

↑ ahWEN_ahLEI_ahQUAN..^^

↑ huhu~in the square is the 主角nah...^^

↑ AddON...lol...^^

↑ AHkai with ME..^^

↑ AHnew with ME..^^

↑ AHmeng with ME..^^

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