03 November 2008


addicted already...

I would like to introduce my

External hard disk
Pen drive
Electronic Dictionary^^

External Hard Disk=.=ksiD draH lanretxE
His Real Name Is 耀权^^
[I "dian" for my sister see I bought a External Hard Disk..^^]

Nokia1100=.=0011aikoNHis Real Name Is 晓权^^
[He let me know HP not so important..^^]

Samsung SGH-C130=.=031C-HGS gunsmaS
His Real Name Is 伟权^^
[He accompany me when my W910 lost..T_T]

Motorola V3 RAZR=.=RZAR 3V alorotoM
His Real Name Is 忆权^^
[He keep lots of memories inside..^^]

Myflash Pendrive=.=evirdneP hsalfyM
His Real Name Is 忠权^^
[He always beside me(bcoz i always put him in my pocket)..^^]

MD8300Color Dictionary=.=yranoitciD roloC0038DM
Her Real Name Is 慧权^^
[She gave me knowledge..^^]

The above like a bit childish hor??^^


But hor...
sometimes We need to be a bit childish... ...
so.. not too stress..^^(Excuses)haha^^

*subject to change..(bcoz my deskky still at malacca)

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